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Eyesight Recovery Apparatus

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Eyesight Recovery Apparatus

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Visual Acuity Recovery Device
Personal Scope-EX

As Personal Scope-EX is the visual acuity recovery device, it is good for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, strabismus, floating-sight, amblyopia and improving your concentration and help male and female, elderly, children, family can recover their visual acuity.

  • ISO Certification 9001:2008 /KS Q ISO9001:2009
  • Part of Patent 074 335
  • The invention of Patent No. 0359001
  • 2012.08 Registered invention patent(Eye muscle exercise device - No.10-1179810)
  • KC, CE, FCC, C-Tick

Eyesight Recovering Apparatus is invented to help the eye for improving or maintaining eyesight and massaging around the eye to rest from fatigue of the eye for health of the eye.

  1. Eyeball Training Mechanism according to the fusion of both eyes and monocular independency.
  2. Training Mechanism of ciliary muscle (accommodation muscle of crystalline lens), external ocular muscle (rectus muscle and oblique muscle outside of eyeball) by adjusting teres muscle
  3. Training Mechanism of iris by adjustable the brightness function.
  4. Chiropractic vibration function for acupoints

The eyesight can be improved or maintained by this apparatus
Furthermore, It is much better(more than 100%) than other existing solutions because most of other existing solutions, as glasses and an operation, has some side effects. But this apparatus, totally different frome other existing solutions, makes the most of natural of eyes. Therefore it dose not have any side effect.
Someone who has worn spectacles for shortsight or far-sighted or squint or presbyopia or Amblyopia

Product Configuration

Set Configuration

  • Personal Scope-Ex 1
  • Vision Test Table 1
  • Electric adapter 1
  • Headband 1
  • Battery 3
  • Brochures 1
  • Optometry Diary 1
  • Training Cards 1

Product User Guide

1. After you hanging PERSONAL SCOPE-EX's necklaces around your neck, you put the SCOPE on the desk as the objective lens to the front and then after you wear the headband on your head and SCOPE's eyepiece close up to your eyes and properly adjusted with both hands, you grab the SCOPE's body with both hands and then, you press the operation switch to your finger.

2. When vibrator of the SCOPE massage gently around your eyes, close your eyes, please, massage tired eyes, while preparing for exercise in a comfortable position and wait for the eye. (1 minute)

3. When the shutter opens massage intensity reflected cyclical movement begins.

4. The shutter opens and eyes move according to LED light's movement (Eight kinds of eye movements, depending on the program, known)

5. As once the shutter open and closed, eyes reflect the light intensity exercise.

6. After all work, vibrato exercise and then you may close your eyes softly, this SCOPE gently massaged around the eyes and gave the(one minute) would stop automatically. The behavior of organizations, the buzzer sounds and 1st eye movement is finished.

7. At a time 2-3 times(5min/1) repetition (10 to 15minutes) is, recurrence, however if you use more than five at a time, you may feel tired and then, we suggest, several times a day is recommended to use frequently.

8. You can use 3~5times per day, usually, if eye tired a lot, it is a good use every hours

9. Mon 2 times, you may use a long slide out images fusion in front of the exercise equipment.

Put it there using the card when is shown as below A to B that is not required

1. If there is insufficient capacity of the battery, it is not to work.
2. Excessive switch does not work repeatedly. (You can shorten equipment life)

Ocular visual acuity of the PERSONAL SCOPE-EX training is an organization of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, strabismus, a floating city, such as amblyopia, but help you improve, medical devices are not covered in ophthalmology ophthalmologist with various eye diseases, etc. Please consult.

The principles of visual recovery

  • Eyes are moved by muscles(intrinsic ocular muscles-ciliary muscle, iris/extrinsic ocular muscles-rectus muscle, oblique muscle). Therefore, the eye muscles is also required training, too.
  • The frequently used muscle is developed, but the less used muscle isn't developed.
  • The result of this phenomenon can cause blurred vision, and use it as the opposite, the vision can be improved.

The 3 elements of Vision is
the corneal shape, refractive power of the lens and the length of the eyeball.

This three elements play an important role for us to see clearly an object through focusing on the retina in which the light of things entering into the eye properly is to be refracted by the cornea and lens.

1. Massage
This activity help to enhace the blood flow around eyes and this activity help that tired ocular and optic have vitality whenever our's eyes get tires, we usally give a massage to our eyes around.

2. Natural state
The method to recovering the eye's natural state is that is controll lighting, flickering more often, moving the eye's view point, and viewing more distance.

# According to the Korean Customs, the room in which baby is should had been dark for first three times seven days after born, for a newborn baby's weak eye condition to intercept from light.
But, nowadays, we are followed by modern medicine, and then hospital lighting and night lighting, more than before, have an effect on the baby's eye to getting worse. Eyes are moving by the ocular. It focuses on the action of muscles is due. If this exercise repeatedly carried out to restore visual acuity and vision can prevent.

3. Exercise is the opposite movement
Take place alternately distant and near the ciliary muscle(naeangeun) is the relaxation.
Periodic changes in light, bright, dark to eyes are giving a relax to iris.

A series of activities, rectus muscle and oblique muscles(eyeball's outside muscles) to move smoothly and to carry power grab, Irritating to eyes around. Based on the blood flow smoothly, is called Eye Movement as a whole.

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